#1 Custom VGA cooling von garymagno110 05.08.2019 23:52

Hi guys,

Currently I have a gtx1080 Ti Poseidon edition. (hybrid)
Until now I used only aircooling, but now I want to start using the watercooling option of the card as well.

For this, I'm looking for the cheapest way to provide it with some water cooling. (so I'm not planning on watercooling the CPU as well)
As far as I know, I need:
- reservoir
- fittings
- tubes
- pump
- radiator
- coolant

After picking some parts on a local webshop, I came up with several good one. I found it over reading some good contents on the internet.

It's basic, but that's the goal. I don't need a big radiator and expensive components. I just want it to be compatible and working. As the gpu has a hybrid cooling design, the watercooling is kind of an extra.

Some input from you guys?


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